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James Castrission & Justin Jones
Trans-Tasman Kayakers
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James Castrission and Justin Jones earnt their place in history, when they became the first people to successfully kayak 3318km across the treacherous Tasman Sea. Staggering upon the shores of New Zealand the adventurers were sun-burnt, bearded, underweight, physically and mentally wasted … and most of all happy to be alive.

What sort of crazy men attempt such frightful feats?

Earlier in their lives, they paddled the treacherous Bass Strait and became the first to kayak the length of the Murray River, all 2560kms. They have run numerous ultra-marathons, attained their yachting crew qualifications and dueled with the open waters under sail.

International climbing expeditions have been led to North America (The Nose, El Capitan), New Zealand (notable ascents: Mt Cook and Mt Aspiring) and Papua New Guinea.

They are now sharing their secrets of survival to the many corporations throughout the world who are demanding their insights into leadership, teamwork, risk management and how to overcome adversity. The two are currently writing a book (publisher Harper Collins), releasing a documentary and are planning their next adventures.

It is human nature to, at times, think of what we could have done with our lives, to what boundaries we could have pushed ourselves, what achievements we may have dared to have believed in and what mental and physical capacity was within us. To go beyond such thoughts, however, rarely happens.

James and Justin are among the few who have searched for, and found, those personal parameters … and they intend to burst the boundaries a little more.

James holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney, and has worked both as an Accountant and Management Consultant for Deloitte Touche Tomatsu.

Justin completed a completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours at the University of New South Wales. This business and science founding allows the duo to draw on relevant anecdotes to convey key business lessons in their keynote presentations.

Prior to university, James and Justin completed there schooling at Knox Grammar School.

No they are not crazy, they are inspirational, successful and great motivating figures for us all.