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Martin Devlin
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Martin Devlin is one of New Zealand’s leading sports broadcasters and columnists.

The father-of-two-boys is a radio veteran who has just won Sports Broadcaster of the Year for the 5th time for his on-air work on nationwide weekend sport show, Devlin Live on Radio Live.

Martin also won much acclaim for hosting TV One’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Coverage.  Over 3 million people tuned into the month long event on TV One and TVNZ’s Head of Television Jeff Latch credited Martin for playing a part in its success, “Martin’s passion for the game was infectious and viewers loved the enthusiasm and humour he brought to our coverage”. 

Martin has had a long association with TV One, he was a panellist on the high rating and long running sport/game show Game of Two Halves with Matthew Ridge, Marc Ellis and Mike King.  He also had a short stint as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2008 and achieved his goal which was not to be the first contestant voted off.   He did an adequate Waltz, an OK Tango, an appalling Rumba before he thanked the ref and waved to the crowd when he was voted off at the end of episode three.

Martin also dabbles in the print media – he writes several sport columns for national newspapers and magazines and has a sport blog on

So you can see that Devlin has had many claims to minor fame.  He believes his most notable was not through his own achievement but by virtue of birth.  Martin is the nephew of 1950s Rock and Roll Legend, Johnny Devlin.

Unable to follow in Johnny’s footsteps because of his inability to sing in tune he decided on a career in doing what he does best, talking. 

In his mid-twenties he swapped the dole for a student loan and flew south to do a diploma at the Broadcasting School in Christchurch, it was here he met the love of his life, radio.

Devlin began writing advertising and won several copywriting awards before being identified as an on-air talent.

He worked on beach and ski stations, Energy FM in the Naki and was the first breakfast host of both The Edge and Channel Z before making the move to talk radio on the reworked and rebranded Sports Round-up where he helped launch Radio Sport.

Devlin had a brief flirtation with news but said he found it too grim and depressing.  However, it was during his short stint doing breakfast on Radio Live that he discovered that he had a famous fan.  The admission still surprises and humbles him.

Martin was interviewing David Lange’s brother, Peter after the former Prime Minister’s funeral and Peter said... 

“I used to sit with David quite a few nights right through the night.  Come 6 o’clock in the morning, the hospital would start to wake up a bit and David’s first request was for the radio, ‘Could I listen to Martin Devlin?’  That was his first request every morning”.
Peter Lange, August 2005

Martin’s returned to Radio Live and sport in June 2009 and can be found on-air on Saturday & Sunday afternoons.