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Imogen Ovens
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Imogen Ovens is an up and coming presenter of the future. She has been regularly seen on New Zealand airwaves over the past five years, starting with her role as a host of the hugely popular "Cow TV" on Dunedin Television.

Since then, Imogen has gone on to host the weekly live Lotto Draw, as well as feature in many television commercials in the past few years, as well as playing a small part in New Zealand Cinema history for her part in "The Lord Of The Rings".

Imogen has a double degree in Design Studies (BA) and Marketing Management (BCom) and currently works in Auckland as a Brand Manager. She has a keen interest in sports and health and fitness and is a certified Les Mills instructor of the Body Balance programme.


Career Highlights

2008: MC. Miss Universe NZ Pageant 

2006: TVC. Rebel Sport ‘Let’s Play’ office cricket series.

2005: Music Video.  Russell Harrison's hit single 'Why you wanna go and do that ?' 

2004 - 2005: Featured  testimonial in "Memphis Meltdown" TVC

2002 - 2003: TV2 Lotto Presenter - Live to air ‘ad-lib’ hosting of show. Recording of inserts, interviews, in studio and off location. Involvement of in-store promotions and various PR events, including fundraisers, various community events.

2001: Extra in "Lord of The Rings"

2000-2002: Channel 9 Presenter Sports Show ‘The Score’ - Local Dunedin Channel - Live to air hosting of show including in-studio interviews, field reporting, news reading, segment links and sporting knowledge and participation in various ‘one-on-one’ challenges. News reader and co-host of cult student show ‘Cow TV’.