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Peta Mathias
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Peta Mathias is a respected and prolific New Zealand author, television personality, stage performer and international gastronomic tour host as well as a popular MC and presenter.

Having started off her culinary love affair in Paris with her restaurant 'Rose Blues' in the 5th arrondissement, Peta returned to New Zealand in 1990 to teach, cook and write. 'Fête Accomplie', a book about life in Paris including recipes, was the first of Peta's eight award winning gastronomic travel books written about North Africa, France, New Zealand, Ireland and Vietnam. 'Can We Help It If We're Fabulous?', a book about women, came out in August 2008. It was an instant bestseller, is still being reprinted and has now been published in Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Germany. Then came 'A Matter of Taste' – a book of photographs of women's accessories made of food taken by Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia, with text by Peta. This was followed by 'Just In Time To Be Too Late – why men are like buses' in 2009 and 'Culinary Adventures in Marrakech' in 2010. Peta's most recent book 'Beat Till Stiff' – stories of transformation, was published in November 2011. Hot Pink Spice Saga - an Indian Culinary Travelogue With Recipes was released in 2014 and was shortlisted for best food book on India in the world at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2014.

Since 2005 Peta has been hosting her culinary tours to the South of France, Morocco, Spain, Italy, India and Vietnam. Behind Peta's now legendary gastronomic tours is the simple idea that the best way to explore a culture is through its cuisine. For 12 years Peta presented the award winning prime time travel/food shows 'Taste New Zealand', 'Taste Takes off' and 'A Taste of Home'. Several years ago she set up her own production company 'Red Head Media' with colleagues, to make the food/travel television series 'Peta Unplugged in Marrakech', 'Ten Recipes For Fabulous Summer Entertaining' and 'Culinary Adventures in the South of France'. More recently Peta has taken her one woman live show on the road - telling tall stories, ironing out the agonizing problems of your life, sautéing up a storm, singing of lost love and explaining how egg whites can transform your life.

Peta's passion for food, travel and writing is the perfect mix, as she spends half the year hosting gastronomic tours and half the year in NZ. Her next book is a memoir coupled with the story of selling a house in Auckland and buying one in the South of France. The title is Never Put All Your Eggs In One Bastard and is set to be released by Penguin Random House at the end of 2016. Peta is available to MC, host, speak, motivate and entertain in the areas of food, inspiration and women in business.