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Lee-Anne Wann
New Zealand's Top Health & Fitness Expert
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Nutritionist: Vodafone Warriors NRL Team
Health & Fitness Expert: RadioLive, NZ Good Health Magazine, NZ Fitness Life Magazine
Ambassador: NZ Fitness Expo, Bauer Media 30 Days Health & Well-being, Reebok NZ
TV Presenter, Radio Commentator, Author of 3 Health & Fitness Books, Biosignature Practitioner & C.H.E.K Coach

Refreshingly different Lee-Anne Wann is not only highly educated and informed, but the most relevant and trusted health and fitness expert in New Zealand. Lee-Anne is a sustainable change health practitioner and a realist. With over 30 qualifications to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest trends, ideas and scientific research, Lee-Anne’s approach is not fad based but one that recognises that our lives are complicated and busy. Lee-Anne is focused on helping people get back great health, well-being and fitness in a real, effective and sustainable manner that is realistic and achievable for people in this modern day environment. "Forget calories in, calories out, throw out fat-free products and let’s get back to using ‘actual’ food and help our body combat the stress and toxins we face today".

Lee-Anne is also a business graduate, is fluent in Japanese and spent her former career years in the corporate world providing her a very good understanding of the demands and stresses placed on people in a business environment. Lee-Anne offers infectious energy and an enthusiastic communication style, and in addition to working with hundreds of clients in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, is a columnist for many New Zealand magazines including Good Health Magazine, Fitness Life Magazine, NZ Fitness magazine, The New Zealand Herald and NZ Woman’s Day. She is also the health & fitness expert for Radio Live, Good Morning TV and many corporate clients including Fuji Xerox. She is a regular speaker at seminars and corporate functions on motivation, managing stress with real life tips and choosing small things to make for great changes. Lee-Anne is a published Health and fitness author having written 3 health & fitness books published by Penguin NZ and is also presenter and personal trainer for TV3 and Discovery Channel’s on-going series ‘Downsize Me’.


Career Highlights

2013 - Current - Vodafone Warriors NRL Nutritionist

2011 - Author "No Fuss Fitness" - Health & Fitness Book Published by Penguin

2009 – Author ‘Downsize You 2' –  Fitness & Nutrition Book Published by Penguin

2008 – TV Presenter / Trainer for TV3’s ‘Downsize Me’ Series 3

2007- 2012– NZ Woman’s Day Magazine Fitness Expert

2007 – Author ‘Downsize You 1’ –  Fitness & Nutrition Book Published by Penguin

2007 – 2nd Place NZFBB North Island Body Building Championships

2006 - TV Presenter / Trainer for TV3’s ‘Downsize Me’ Series 2

2005 - NZ Fitness Magazine Columnist

2005 – 1st Place at NZFBB North Island Body Building Championships

2005 - 3rd Place at NZFBB National Body Building Championships’

2005 - TV Presenter / Trainer for TV3’s /Downsize Me’ Series 1