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Ric Salizzo
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Fortunately Ric Salizzo worked out relatively early in his life that he was better at talking about Rugby than he was playing it.
His former first fifteen half back John Kirwan once described his play like this ,
“ Riccardo always knows exactly what to do on a rugby field , he’s just not always at the right place to do it.”
So after a short stint playing professionally in Italy, being paid mostly in food, Ric decided to concentrate on his journalism career.

After working in London Ric had a career at TVNZ news where he was the self-proclaimed second worst sports newsreader on the Network news.
He branched out into Pasta Productions with JK and together they made the ground breaking video , The Good the Bad and the Rugby.”
Pasta Productions also produced top rating rugby show “ Boots and All”.

The All Blacks then appointed Ric to become their first ever media liaison person a position he filled from 1992-1995. It was a new role for everyone and Ric basically made it up as he went along which is a common theme in his life.

Ric then went on to form the TV show Sportscafe which ran for 12 years and was often hijacked by other members of the show, not naming names (Marc Ellis, Eric Rush).

Ric is currently working on the other Sports show he founded, Crowd Goes Wild, which is into its eighth year and makes about as much sense as his previous productions. It has won best sports show three times in a row.
Ric has worked with most of our national sports teams and top athletes and has a wealth of behind the scenes stories. He has also covered most major sports events and interviewed many top sports stars all over the world.

He is also very nice to his cat.