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Tony Adams
World Record Tap Dancer
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Tony Adams is a powerful motivational speaker, stockbroker and businessman.

He inspires audiences with his passion for achieving against adversity and succeeding in troubled times using his five step goal setting process.

Crippled at birth and battling dyslexia throughout his childhood, he beat horrendous odds to win numerous national dance titles as a teenager before becoming New Zealand’s first male tap dancing teacher. In August this year he broke the Guinness World Record(TM)live on TV1's Good Morning Show to become the fastest tap dancer in the world !

Tony’s love for business has found him in the top ten shareholders of several Australian listed companies. He is also the co-owner of Sydney based Scorpio Music, the associate company of which manages 10 international bands including Evermore, Operator Please and The Hampdens.

Over a lifetime of challenges, Tony has turned his life around by learning to overcome adversity in his business and personal life. He is passionate about sharing his three-step process for achieving powerful change – a process that can work for everyone whether in sales, management or a sole trader.

He strongly believes that we all have the ability to succeed in realising our dreams – whatever they may be.

Keynote Speeches

Tony offers a range of powerful presentations and workshops:

Radical Results:

This key note address inspires audiences to double targets and achieve greater performance in personal and business life. Tony reveals his simple yet profound five step process that outlines the radical change in attitude needed to achieve breakthroughs to attain any business or life goal.

He reflects on the goal setting approach he used in breaking the two Guinness World Records that confirms him as the “World’s Fastest Tap Dancer “ To conclude he demonstrates his speed tap dancing skills  that leaves all audiences cheering !

The World’s Fastest Tap Dancer :(After Dinner)

Tony entertains audiences with his story of growing up as a dancer in a very tough neighbourhood looking like Forest Gump.  He tells of the background and insights in him breaking  the two Guinness World Records that confirms him as the “World’s Fastest Tap Dancer “

To conclude Tony demonstrates his speed tap dancing skills that is guaranteed have your audience on their feet cheering !