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Thanks so much for the brilliant presentation you gave at Icebreaker today – we all came back feeling very positive and enthused and inspired. Personally, I found your work for the soup kitchen just as inspiring as your running: it was wonderful to hear about the relationships you’d forged with street people, and about your belief that everyone has a passion worth cultivating.   
Rebecca Toomer
Brand Manager

Melissa delivered a presentation to the Statistics New Zealand Project Management Community of Practice (PM CoP) in March 2009. With Melissa's credentials we had strong attendance and filled three conference rooms (linked by video conference) to capacity. The expectations were clearly high and Melissa did not disappoint us. Melissa used a professional presentation to take us on an adventure of extreme proportions. Her presentation was exciting, heartwarming and most inspirational. The underlying message was to dig deep and persevere but our project managers could draw parallels on the importance of thorough planning and risk management. I received very positive feedback afterwards and the PM CoP was complimented for this successful event. Melissa was one of the highlights of our very successful year.
Kobus Boshoff
IT Delivery Manager Quality Assurance, IT Solutions Group, Statistics New Zealand

Melissa Moon
Champion Runner
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Melissa is Two Times World Mountain Running Champion, World Stair Racing Champion, NZ Sports Woman of the year and in 2007 endured 95 days of running to circumnavigate the northern hemisphere in the world’s first ever Blue Planet Run relay to raise awareness for the lack of safe drinking water in the world.

She wore through five pairs of shoes, covered 15,200 miles and ran in extreme conditions such as the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and battled the swarms of biting horse flies in Siberia.
Melissa is passionate about sharing the mental strategies she believes were the key components of winning her two World Mountain Running titles in Italy and Alaska. Throughout her 15 year career as an international athlete Melissa has experienced the highs and lows of sport and gained an enormous understanding of the power of the mind.
In 2008 Melissa was awarded the Jaycees ‘Top Outstanding Young Person of the World’ award for her achievements in sport and the community. Community is an important part of Melissa’s life and has spent 10 years at the Compassion Centre’s Soup Kitchen where the Mission is to ‘support people in need to live with dignity in the community’. She has learnt a great deal about these people’s spirit of endurance to get them through life.

In 2010, Melissa won the Vertical World Circuit - a series of races to the top of some of the tallest buildings in the world.  She is currently in training to return and defend her world title.

During her inspirational presentation Melissa has many stories to share and the 8 simple principles to live life by:
- Take opportunities and step outside your comfort zone - face the fear
- Follow your talents and passions, appreciate strengths and support weaknesses
- Set goals relative to where you are physically, mentally and emotionally
- Use strategies such as visualisation, self talk, key words to achieve goals
- Find that fuel in failure
- Learn to laugh in the face of adversity
- Attitude of gratitude
- Hold on to that sense of satisfaction when goals are achieved