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Whilst events are not our primary focus, we do have some expertise in this area of the industry.

The Classic All Blacks is an evolving brand that kicked off soon after we opened our doors at Sporting Contacts.  We have taken a Classic All Black team to the World Rugby Classic in Bermuda every November since 1989.  We remain the one company to have held the marketing rights of the New Zealand Rugby (1985-1988). We drew and registered the All Blacks logo in 1986.

Our Classic All Blacks logo now represents the team of former All Blacks who are no longer contracted to New Zealand Rugby.  As the list of New Zealand rugby players basing themselves outside New Zealand grows, so too does the pool from which we can select the Classic All Blacks.  We now have available a parade of some of the best known names in world rugby as participants in our Classic All Black events.

We have run events including the 1998 World Cup of Golf, the Club and Racquet Challenge (since 1994) and The Huka Lodge Golf Classic (since 1997) and we are about to launch the inaugural Air Pacific Celebrity Pro-Am in Fiji.

Events for us are serious fun.